Estate Planning

How do you continue to provide for your family after your death?

A well planned estate has many benefits, including ensuring the financial wellbeing of your family and the minimisation of death taxes. It further assists in the smooth, effective and quick administration of the estate, giving your family the much needed closure. Secure Legacy is able to offer you personalised estate planning and structuring to meet your individual requirements. You will have access to a dynamic team of specialists who always stay abreast of relevant changes in legislation, and who will be able to provide you with the best estate planning solution for your individual needs.

Key components of this service include:


  • Taxation and tax planning (donations tax, income tax, capital gains tax and estate duty implications).
  • Determining whether property should be purchased in the name of the individual, trust or company.
  • Use of offshore structures.
  • Succession planning and planning the devolution of your assets and interests.
  • Use of assurance in providing income and capital to dependants.
  • Business planning, which includes for example the use of buy and sell agreements.

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