Trust Fund Assistance and Help

Professional Trust Fund Assistance Could Help Safeguard your Family’s Future

It is a sad fact that many of those who have done what they believe to be their very best in order to secure the future of their loved ones in the event of their death, often fail to achieve little more than providing their families with a temporary respite from the resulting financial pressures. Unless properly managed, the value of a cash legacy can soon be eroded as a result of inflation, taxation and various financial obligations, consequently leaving beneficiaries with far less than had been the intention of their deceased benefactor when drawing up his or her last will and testament.

Even where the provision for an heir is quite substantial, there may still be problems, however. Without professional assistance to set up and administer an effective trust fund, where that heir is a young person with little experience of managing his or her finances, it is not uncommon for a sum that was intended to provide lifelong security, to be squandered within a year or two on expensive purchases for which any value is of a purely short-term nature.

Managed professionally, however, that same cash bequest could have not only continued to provide financial help throughout the lifetime of a son, a daughter or a grandchild, but continued to do so for their children and grandchildren too. So, are there any other advantages to be gained if one should decide to establish a trust fund? And to whom should one turn for advice and assistance with the task of setting it up and managing it?

In addition to ensuring capital growth, rather than shrinkage, and safeguarding a bequest so that the beneficiaries will enjoy its intended benefits, it can be tailored to make special provisions in order to meet certain specific needs of an individual. For instance, a managed bequest can be designed to release funds at a time when this can most help a minor beneficiary, such as when he or she comes of age, starts university or may be planning to get married.

Other benefits include the ability to minimise or even avoid payment of estate duty and capital gains tax where applicable, as well as providing a means to protect the assets of a deceased estate from third party creditors. In addition, if the deceased estate should happen to include a business, managing its transfer through a trust fund is likely to be the best way to ensure its continuity. It is also another compelling reason to consider seeking the assistance of a specialist in the field of estate planning.

When retaining professional help, however, it is important to select a fiduciary company whose values include excellence, integrity, compassion and care, and whose sole aim is to meet the unique and specific needs of you and your family as fully as possible. Based in Pretoria, Secure Legacy is a company that is able to meet each of these important criteria and has a well-established record of doing so.

In addition to providing assistance with the setup and management of trust funds, we can also help you to draft your will, as well as acting as the executors of your deceased estate, when the need arises.