Trust Fund Assistance and More

Professional Assistance with Managing Trust Funds and More

For the average citizen anywhere in the world, being faced with the need to deal with legal matters is a prospect that they would rather avoid. Without, at least, some basic knowledge of the pertinent laws, even relatively basic legal undertakings such as drawing up a will, drafting an anti-nuptial agreement or, all too commonly, completing divorce papers, are tasks that can be confusing and fraught with hidden pitfalls for the layman. Of the three tasks cited, it is perhaps the first of these that people are, albeit unwisely, most often tempted to tackle as a do-it-yourself project.

It seems straightforward enough. You know more or less what you have and who you want to give it to so what could go wrong? Well firstly, the value of your assets is not cast in stone. In practice, without some form of protection, it could be eroded considerably by the time of your demise due to a combination of duties, costs and inflation. Trust funds, however, can be a very effective means with which to avoid this erosion, although you would be well advised to seek some professional assistance should you decide to set one up. And, while you’re at it, you should probably consider getting a little more expert help with the drafting of your will.

Completing all of the necessary paperwork correctly is, of course, only a beginning. When the time comes to implement your wishes, you will need a third party to handle your deceased estate. Once again, you would be well-advised to make your choice with care. Filing for probate in South Africa requires meeting of a number of legal obligations and can be as confusing as it is time-consuming for someone who may have had no previous experience in such matters.

While a best friend or a much-loved relative may deem it an honour to be entrusted with the task, when required to fulfil it, that same friend may feel burdened rather than honoured while a relative may well be too grief-stricken to complete the required tasks effectively. Without doubt, the drafting of your will, undertaking the responsibilities of your executors and setting up trust funds that are designed to grow and protect your assets are all tasks that are more appropriately entrusted to a firm of attorneys offering specialised assistance with such procedures and backed by many years of relevant experience.

With offices in both Pretoria and Johannesburg, Secure Legacy is one such legal firm. Furthermore, it is one that has earned an enviable reputation for its performance in each of these areas as well as in estate planning and the management of offshore estates. By taking the necessary steps to protect your assets during your life, you will be protecting your family’s future, quite possibly for several generations beyond your death. Helping you to ensure your family’s future is the sole aim of the firm’s legal team who will provide all of the advice and support while designing and managing your trust fund during your lifetime and, more importantly, following your death.

So that your family and friends need not be pressured at a time when they are grieving, further assistance offered by the Secure Legacy team includes handling the executorship process efficiently and timeously.