Who Should Draw Up my Trust for Me?

You should go to a trust advisor, like us at Secure Legacy, to discuss your requirements. A trust advisor will be able to give you advice and answer your questions. You can also go to an attorney or your auditor. Make sure that he or she works with trusts on a daily basis. Being an attorney or auditor doesn’t mean that you know everything about everything!

Once all of your questions have been answered, ask your trust advisor to draw up the trust deed in accordance with your specific needs. After the trust deed has been drawn up, you and the advisor will go through it to make sure that you are satisfied with it.

After screening the trust deed, you and the trustees will sign it and hand it over to the advisor to be registered at the Master’s office.

The advisor will contact you to hand over the registered trust deed, together with the Letter of Appointment.

Now the trust may start doing business.


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