Trust Fund Management Services

Who Should We Provide your Trust Fund Management Services? Since the main purposes of setting up a trust fund are to protect and to grow one’s assets, choosing who is best able to provide the necessary management services is a decision that needs careful thought. It may also depend upon the version of this financial instrument that is to be used and this takes two possible forms. These are known as living and testamentary and are applicable, respectively, to a financial instrument established during the life of the owner (grantor) and to one decreed in a last will and... read more

Trust Funds – Benefits and Purpose

The Purpose and Main Benefits of Establishing a Trust Fund Trust funds are not, as many people tend to believe, the sole province of the multimillionaire. However, despite their many potential benefits, they are not a suitable financial instrument for everyone’s purpose. In essence, the term applies to a legal document or deed that may be established by either an individual or a corporation, thereafter known as the grantor. The deed sets out the terms for the management of property and other assets held on behalf of a beneficiary that, once again, may either be a named individual or... read more

Estate Handling Services

The Responsibilities of Estate Handling Services in South Africa Whilst in the midst of enjoying our lives, it is all too easy to overlook the simple fact that each of us must, at some time, confront the inevitability of death. In practice, this has long been a prospect that many choose to avoid contemplating more than superficially and, as a result, it is an eventuality for which such individuals tend to make provision only at the last moment, if they do so at all. While this policy of avoidance may help to shield them from the reality of their... read more

Trust Fund Assistance and More

Professional Assistance with Managing Trust Funds and More For the average citizen anywhere in the world, being faced with the need to deal with legal matters is a prospect that they would rather avoid. Without, at least, some basic knowledge of the pertinent laws, even relatively basic legal undertakings such as drawing up a will, drafting an anti-nuptial agreement or, all too commonly, completing divorce papers, are tasks that can be confusing and fraught with hidden pitfalls for the layman. Of the three tasks cited, it is perhaps the first of these that people are, albeit unwisely, most often... read more

Executors of Estate

What are the Responsibilities of the Executors of an Estate? While the recently deceased man or woman will definitely be relieved of any further earthly worries, the same cannot always be said of those whom he or she may have left behind. Although drafting a last will and testament may appear to be a relatively simple task, and one that many choose to tackle on a DIY basis, complying with the various legal requirements associated with the estate process is a responsibility that can often present more than a few challenges for the executors of a deceased estate. Given... read more